Monday, February 9, 2015

Minimalism, why it's good for your soul.

Minimalism, why it's good for your soul.

We are brought up in a material, consumerist culture.  Everything revolves around increasing GDP and improving the mega economies our of societies.

We are taught at a young age that buying more items will bring us happiness and joy.  Small kids are inundated with avertisments on Youtube, websites, TV all gearing us to buy more toys, electronics, clothes to fulfill our happiness and self worth.

This does nothing to fill the emptiness with us.

When you might buy a fancy tablet or get new clothes; you might temporarily get a small boost in happiness but in a couple weeks you will be back at your baseline.  However, now you have just added more crap in your house.

Recently, I have been following the minimalism trend.  Every time, I get the urge to buy something new, I take a moment to think if I REALLY need it.  Will it truly make me happy?

Most of the time, it's NO.  I don't buy the item and keep on trucking along.

It's been great.  No only do I have less clutter in my house.  I have more money to spend on experiences( dinner with friends/family, concerts, etc).

I really believe minimalism is good for your soul. Next time you feel the need to buy something unnecessary, try to do something else instead like spend time with friends, call your mom, go work out.  read.

Find inner peace not in stuff, but in yourself.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Volvo's Google Cardboard with an Iphone 6 Experience

Today, I will be discussing my experience using Volvo's Google Cardboard with an Iphone 6.

Recently Volvo had a promotion where they offered a free Google Cardboard that they would send it to your house to test out their 3D app.

Here's the link to the app.  The promotion for the free cardboard has ended, however. 

Although Google cardboard was made for the android in mind; it still works with the iphone if you download the correct apps.

I first downloaded the Volvo Google cardboard app onto my Iphone 6.

I then took out the cardboard and made the visor.  It was pretty easy without instructions.  I just matched the numbers and it was intuitive.
Google Cardboard fully made!
I then downloaded the following apps:

1)  Volvo Reality- Basically, this app is a variety of settings from a mountain to a forest.  You are sitting in a Volvo during part of the simulation.  It's very soothing.

2) Dive City Rollercoaster-  Here you sit in a rollercoaster and take a long ride.  It's not as detailed as the Volvo app, but still you get an experience of sitting at a theme park.  CLICK HERE

3) The Heights-  This is a game rather than a simulation.  You (the hero)  walks around picking up blocks around a tall building.  Looking down will trigger walking or standing.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Testing out the Heights on my Iphone 6

4) Moorente-  Similar to duck hunt.   After staring at the flying ducks, you will shoot them town.  ITUNES LINK

These are the four main apps I found that the google cardboard works with the iphone 6;  if you all find any other, please comment below and I'll add.

It was a great experience and while not as immersive as an oculus, it isn't too shabby for free.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Razer is creating an open sourced VR headset. OSVR (Open Source Virtual Reality)

Razer is creating an open sourced VR headset called the OSVR.  This stands for "Open Source Virtual Reality."

This is the newest entry into an open sourced virtual reality headset.  Many news outlets are calling this the "android" (referring to the Google mobile OS) of VR.

The plan from the website is that this will be affordable and consist of " a head-tracker, a display, double-lens optics, mechanics such as straps to hold it all together, as well as connective cables"

Razer is a fantastic company and makes great products that I use (expensive but quality).  I am looking forward to checking this out. Overall Oculus has been taking a while making their product, perhaps this will play a larger role if it can be marketed earlier and faster.

Direct Link

The Hacker Dev kit current is selling at 199.99 USD.  Follow the link below to order for availability in June 2015!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Blogger Issues: How to solve " Don't Track my own page views" Error

Blogger has been fantastic; however, I have had a few bugs that have bothered me as I created my blog.

One issue is that every time I view my webpage, my blog will count my own views.   When I click the "Don't Track my own page views"  The link never loads.

However, after searching online I found a great website teaching people how to fix the "Don't Track my own page views" error

Pretty much they way you fix it is logging into your dashboard and copying and pasting this link into your webbroswer.


However, change to your own website name.

So, mine would be

When you do that , this message should appear:

"// API callback _gwt_jsonp_. P2 onSuccess({"status": "yes"});"

After that, it should work!

The Don't Track my own page views" error should be solved at this point.  If you use other web browsers or computers, you will have to repeat it for this for each of those browsers.  However, once you do it, it should be fixed.

This solution came from REVIEWGADGETS  which is a great website.

 Check them out here:


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Book Review: The first 15 lives of Harry August

It has been a while since I have read an enjoyable book.

However, a good friend recommended The first 15 Lives of Harry August and I started reading it a few weeks ago.  I finished it in 3 days.

Being a Sci-Fi geek, I always enjoyed reading about future technology and societies.  However, this book was more about individuals that could live the same life over and over "Ouroborans".  The protagonist lives, dies, lives, dies  and we follow his extraordinarily journey for 15 lives.

The only way that these special individuals die is if they are "eliminated"  before they are even born.  Thus, it is crucial that they never reveal their origins to other Ouroborans or else they could cease to exist in their next lives.

Anyway, the novel focuses on Harry August and his journey through living multiple lives and the problems Ouroborans face as well as the relationships he develops with other Ouroborans and "normal" humans.

It's a gripping tale and I stayed up late reading the novel because I was so enraptured by the tale.

Also the ending is phenomenal.  

If you have a free weekend, give this book a try.


Who is the Author? 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Decreasing Waste, why it's important to leave a better world for our children.

Decreasing Waste is important.

Often I think about how the human population has doubled since 1970.  So  more and more of earth's resources are being used up by the human species.  It's no wonder that recent articles are forewarned that the next mass extinction has started.

World Population Clock

Next Mass Extinction

Obviously, since humans are at the top of the food chain, we will easily take the land and resources from animals who can not compete with us.  Plus, we add more waste (nondegradable plastics, chemicals) into the environment which destroy the habitats that these animals thrive.

Unfortunately it's just a byproduct of our consumerist society trying to accumulate as much  meaningless "stuff" as possible to achieve an unattainable status.    Most of the world's economic system rewards increasing GDP, which gives no incentive to maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

Since, there is not much  I an do at a macro level.  I personally am trying to decrease the amount of waste I contribute to the environment.    I want to leave a better world for my children.

So here's one of simple idea I've tried recently.

Increasing the Lifespan of Disposable Shaving Razor blades

A few months ago, I bought a razor sharpener off Amazon.

Razor Sharpener

It was pretty good except I began to realize that instead of sharpening my blades, it really just removes the hair stuck between the blades.  The reason why we throw out the disposable blades is mainly because they get clogged up with hair.

So I started using the razor sharpener, and afterwards, I would just take a needle or other thing thing wire and pretty much unclog all the hair between the blades.   I would take out the disposable blade off my handle and clean off all the hair.

It really works.  I've used the same razors for the last 3 months.   Now, I'm able to reuse these blades more often without throwing them out.  So not only do I decrease my waste, I also save money.   Obviously, eventually the blades get too dull and finally I'll have to trash them.  However, I do increase their lifespan significantly.

If anyone has any ideas they would like to contribute on Decreasing Waste, please comment below.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

One Facet of the Multiverse

One Facet of the Multiverse
The afterwave of radiation from the dramatic expansion of the  Big Bang was found from super sensitive  detectors.  Researchers at the south pole found evidence of this afterwave from radiation, and this news was released today. 

This finding adds credence to the theory of Multiverses.  This rapid inflation (faster than light) of Space itself created multiple universes; of which ours is one.

It's very humbling thinking that our existence is merely a tiny blip in the vast universe; which in turn is one facet of the multiverse.

It definitely puts our problems on a bad day in perspective. Ha.

Below I've included the direct sources for the multiverse research at Harvard University as well as their most current papers (of you science buffs).

Link to Harvard University

Figures to the upcoming Nature Paper

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Oculus Rift has trademarked Riftcon

Oculus VR has trademarked a convention for virtual reality reported on recent gamestop website.

The United States Patent Office shows that the application was filed on Feb. 14, 2104.

The page  describes the following goods and services RiftCon will provide:

“Organizing exhibitions for cultural, educational, or entertainment purposes; organizing exhibitions in the fields of interactive entertainment, virtual reality, consumer electronics and video game entertainment industries for cultural or educational purposes; entertainment services, namely, arranging and conducting of competitions to encourage use and development of interactive entertainment, virtual reality, consumer electronics, and video game entertainment software and hardware.”

The company has a lot of foresight to see that these conventions will bring a lot of fans, companies, and advertisements to the world of virtual reality.
Is this the new gaming convention that people will attend in addition to E3, Blizzcon, and CES?

Would you attend?


ZELDA in 1st person on the Oculus Rift!!

Total amazingness!  All my wildest dreams have come true.  So far only part of the game is available, but with more to come.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sony's Oculus Rift rival arrives March 17, 2014?

We always knew that the Oculus Rift would eventually grab the attention of the technology giants.  Apparently rumors have been leaked that Sony's Oculus Rift rival will make it's debut March 17, 2014 at the

Will this machinery be as visionary as Oculus?  Only time will tell... Sony's track record has been hit or miss.  However, with it's recent marketing success, the PS4  has been dominating it's competition; maybe they have a few more tricks up their sleeve.

Multiple websites have leaked this information including Techland and  TechRader.

I'm looking forward to reviewing and seeing this new technology.  Competition will only breed better and cheaper technology.  

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