Monday, February 9, 2015

Minimalism, why it's good for your soul.

Minimalism, why it's good for your soul.

We are brought up in a material, consumerist culture.  Everything revolves around increasing GDP and improving the mega economies our of societies.

We are taught at a young age that buying more items will bring us happiness and joy.  Small kids are inundated with avertisments on Youtube, websites, TV all gearing us to buy more toys, electronics, clothes to fulfill our happiness and self worth.

This does nothing to fill the emptiness with us.

When you might buy a fancy tablet or get new clothes; you might temporarily get a small boost in happiness but in a couple weeks you will be back at your baseline.  However, now you have just added more crap in your house.

Recently, I have been following the minimalism trend.  Every time, I get the urge to buy something new, I take a moment to think if I REALLY need it.  Will it truly make me happy?

Most of the time, it's NO.  I don't buy the item and keep on trucking along.

It's been great.  No only do I have less clutter in my house.  I have more money to spend on experiences( dinner with friends/family, concerts, etc).

I really believe minimalism is good for your soul. Next time you feel the need to buy something unnecessary, try to do something else instead like spend time with friends, call your mom, go work out.  read.

Find inner peace not in stuff, but in yourself.