Monday, January 12, 2015

Volvo's Google Cardboard with an Iphone 6 Experience

Today, I will be discussing my experience using Volvo's Google Cardboard with an Iphone 6.

Recently Volvo had a promotion where they offered a free Google Cardboard that they would send it to your house to test out their 3D app.

Here's the link to the app.  The promotion for the free cardboard has ended, however. 

Although Google cardboard was made for the android in mind; it still works with the iphone if you download the correct apps.

I first downloaded the Volvo Google cardboard app onto my Iphone 6.

I then took out the cardboard and made the visor.  It was pretty easy without instructions.  I just matched the numbers and it was intuitive.
Google Cardboard fully made!
I then downloaded the following apps:

1)  Volvo Reality- Basically, this app is a variety of settings from a mountain to a forest.  You are sitting in a Volvo during part of the simulation.  It's very soothing.

2) Dive City Rollercoaster-  Here you sit in a rollercoaster and take a long ride.  It's not as detailed as the Volvo app, but still you get an experience of sitting at a theme park.  CLICK HERE

3) The Heights-  This is a game rather than a simulation.  You (the hero)  walks around picking up blocks around a tall building.  Looking down will trigger walking or standing.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Testing out the Heights on my Iphone 6

4) Moorente-  Similar to duck hunt.   After staring at the flying ducks, you will shoot them town.  ITUNES LINK

These are the four main apps I found that the google cardboard works with the iphone 6;  if you all find any other, please comment below and I'll add.

It was a great experience and while not as immersive as an oculus, it isn't too shabby for free.

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