Monday, January 5, 2015

Blogger Issues: How to solve " Don't Track my own page views" Error

Blogger has been fantastic; however, I have had a few bugs that have bothered me as I created my blog.

One issue is that every time I view my webpage, my blog will count my own views.   When I click the "Don't Track my own page views"  The link never loads.

However, after searching online I found a great website teaching people how to fix the "Don't Track my own page views" error

Pretty much they way you fix it is logging into your dashboard and copying and pasting this link into your webbroswer.


However, change to your own website name.

So, mine would be

When you do that , this message should appear:

"// API callback _gwt_jsonp_. P2 onSuccess({"status": "yes"});"

After that, it should work!

The Don't Track my own page views" error should be solved at this point.  If you use other web browsers or computers, you will have to repeat it for this for each of those browsers.  However, once you do it, it should be fixed.

This solution came from REVIEWGADGETS  which is a great website.

 Check them out here:


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