Wednesday, March 19, 2014

One Facet of the Multiverse

One Facet of the Multiverse
The afterwave of radiation from the dramatic expansion of the  Big Bang was found from super sensitive  detectors.  Researchers at the south pole found evidence of this afterwave from radiation, and this news was released today. 

This finding adds credence to the theory of Multiverses.  This rapid inflation (faster than light) of Space itself created multiple universes; of which ours is one.

It's very humbling thinking that our existence is merely a tiny blip in the vast universe; which in turn is one facet of the multiverse.

It definitely puts our problems on a bad day in perspective. Ha.

Below I've included the direct sources for the multiverse research at Harvard University as well as their most current papers (of you science buffs).

Link to Harvard University

Figures to the upcoming Nature Paper

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