Monday, February 17, 2014

Philosophical Question: Unrequited Love

Philosophical Question:  Unrequited Love 

What is worse?  Loving someone who doesn't love you or someone loving you who you don't love?

A buddy called me tonight;  he told me that one of his female friends recently told him that she was in love with him.  However, he did not feel the same way and felt terrible.  He thinks their relationship is over now that he did not respond in kind.

I consoled him.  Which ended up in a deep discussion.  What is worse?  Someone loving you, you don't love.  Or you loving someone, who doesn't love you.

Selfishly,  I think the second is worse because you are putting your heart on the line.  Plus, at least in the first scenario someone finds you attractive and it could even be an ego booster (as terrible as it sounds.)

However, I'm sure some people feel the other way around.  Likely most people have been in both situations, so what do you think?

I mainly wanted to write this topic because I wonder how this dynamic relationship will change with virtual worlds.  Will it occur in virtual realities?

Often, we hear about gamers who have fallen for each other over X-box Live and World of Warcraft.  Players who have fallen in love while searching for a quest item, ganking noobs, and grinding.  All it takes is time and interaction with another human being.

Will virtual realities intensify these feelings, relationships,  interactions, unrequited love?  Let me know what you think.
Surely, we are at the cusp of entering a new reality of heartbreak.... and love.

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